TRIPLE 8 "Old School" Audio Snow Helmet white

TRIPLE 8 Old School Audio Snow Helmet white TRIPLE 8 Old School Audio Snow Helmet white
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Dieser Helm besitzt eingebaute Kopfhörer für alle gänigen MP3-Player. Anschluss über 3,5 Klinke

Triple Eight`s popular Old School snow helmets are perfect for any mountain`s park or pipe shredder. They come equipped with a kick ass audio earflap system that is removable, allowing you to customize your ride in style. These versatile helmets are a favorite item for riders - the helmet fits just like your favorite Triple 8 skate helmet, and it offers function, style and protection at an affordable price. This helmet is ideal for snowboarding and skiing.
Product details:
Built in audio system
Same shell as our Brainsaver skateboard helmet
Removable ear flaps
Padded back cranium support

Frage zum Produkt

Frage zum Produkt

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