15 Years SubVERT STORE specials

15 years! That's a proud age for a skaterowned-and-run skate shop and we celebrate it with our customers all season long!!

Update June 6th, 2022: You will soon find special offers in this category! The percentages on the products that you can find in the subcategories are now only available to our regular customers via a discount code that we will send out with the next newsletter. You can subscribe to this above so you won't miss any more discount campaigns.

We start with products that are extremely popular worldwide, with which we are now temporarily forgoing profit in order to draw new customers' attention to our unique range: Items that we purchase in large quantities directly from the manufacturer because no other shop had the courage to to import these little-known products in this country. Most shops focus on quick sales and only sell bestseller products. With us, however, it is precisely these products, which are rarely found throughout the country or even Europe, that are becoming bestsellers because they are simply convincing. That's why we also offer many for testing: You can send back Avenuetrucks, Sharkwheels, Theevetrucks and Rainskate Wheels after weeks of testing, grinded or slided! We will receive a credit for the full purchase price!

There are also clearance items that we don't want to take with us to our future location. Clothes from other brands, books, odds and ends, but also Hardware.

Rock Star Bearings

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Juice Magazine

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Rainskates Wheels

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Also regarding workshops you can save some money!