Jet Overkill Sharkwheels Grindking Cruiser

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Besides AWESOME decks we sold this week, like Black Label Auby Taylor, Santa Cruz Salba, Z-Flex Jay Adams, this deck for a little girl is by far the board which made my heart jump the most!
I love it when parents want the best for their kids and let them pick what they love and what is best for them.
You get good completes for about 100 Euro, but when it comes to the best set up possible, you have to double the price. And we still do NOT speak about any exagerated item: a good deck costs between 50 to 100 Euro, good trucks cost at least 50 to 70 Euro, up to over 100 Euro, you pay 10 bucks on top for the right bushings, 10 Euro on top if you do not want to go for a BLACK sheet of griptape but something nice and unique, good wheels cost 50 to 80 Euro, good bearings at least 20 euro...Now put it all together ;-)

with great griptape:
Trucks: with soft bushings:

We might not have all these articles on stock, when you order. Especially the griptape might be sold out and not available at the distributor anymore.
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