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Thuringia Funpark XXL

Mühlhausen, Thüringen

Kategorie: Contests

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your preferred wheelsize
your wheel duro
your deck size

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For all information please check

There is a lot of stuff for the B-Group / Girls, and all money being paid from the A-Group is paid out as pricemoney (plus some hundred more!)

Why do we ask for some details here?
We want to equip riders with matching prizes:
A rider with Shirtsize M shouldn't get Size XL, someone riding 56mm wheels shouldn't get 60mm wheels, who rides a 9" deck shouldn't get an 8.25" deck...

NO SHIPPING COSTS, if you just register. We are unable to programm the onlineshop so that no shipping costs occur, if you dont order goods but just register. Don't worry - you do not have to pay the charges. You shouldn't transfer any many anyways and just pay cash at the location, as there is a risk:
Worst-case is, that the governments prohibits even more and that skateboarding becomes a crime until this date, so that we have to cancel the event. At least officially ;-)

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