Madness Face Melt 9,875 R7 (9,875x31,30) deck or complete

Item number: SUBVERT60910506

Medium Concave / Steep Kick
Width: 9.875" / Length: 31.3" / 14.25" WB
Nose: 6.43" / Tail: 6.43

Resin-7 Canadian Maple Construction

Category: 9 inch upwards(10"/11"/12")

Set-up quality
bushings / cushions

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Madness is one of the most wanted brands right now. With awesome teamriders, with which subVert is connected for a long time, like Sam Beckett, who came over to the opening of the subVert store in 2007!

We also offer this as a complete board:
For a completeboard you have to charge between 55€ up to 155€. We offer the following 5 setup levels,
as a skate park board (hard, smaller wheels), as cruiser (softer, larger wheels) or as a hybrid (medium hard, medium-sized, suitable for both):
Our recommendation to beginners while it is not yet clear whether you want to become a trick skater or just want to cruise / track, but it is clear that you also roll over roads with bad pavement (rough asphalt, pavement slabs with edges...): choose a cruiser with Sharkwheels! (More on this below, at "Sharkwheel Upgrade")
If the money is scarce, choose Price Point if necessary, but then put the 20€ on it for Sharkwheels. Possible resistance-free gliding and reduced risk of falling is the best for the start!

Price Point Surcharge: 54.90€ (savings compared to single purchase: 7 to 12 €)
The most cheap equipment to get, well put together. It can only be cheaper if the board is to serve as decoration rather and it does not matter for driving fun. Skatepark setup: Core Trucks, Blank Wheels (i.e. unprinted no-name goods of inferior polyurethane quality) and industrial ball bearings. Cruiser setup: Core Trucks, RAM 60mm or Krypto Cruiser or Classics 65mm, Riserpads

Skate School Special Supplement only 49.90 (savings compared to single purchase: 50 Euro!)
With core trucks (with impact kingpins! Some colors can be selected, e.g. metallic green)), soft upholstery bushings, Enuff SuperSoftie wheels 53mm / 85A, good industrial ball bearings or super recommended LWS Bearings, colored griptape of your choice (e.g. glitter green). Top recommendation!

Quality surcharge: 80.90€ (savings compared to single purchase: approx. 11€)
Recommended items at a moderate price. Branded items where you don't pay for the name: upholstery or grinding trucks (perhaps also Venture or Thunder), Enuff Supersoftie or Mob-Wheels (hybrid) or WELD LED Wheels 60mm/RAM/KRYPTO (cruiser), (good) industrial ball bearings, riser pads...

Professional surcharge: 114.90€ (savings compared to single purchase: approx. 11€)
Best components, as they are also chosen by Germany's best and most experienced drivers: Ultra-light titanium axles from Polster are used here, as well as wheels from Muckefuck (they have Europe's best team!), ball bearings: LWS bearings (our best-selling ball bearings with invariably best feedback). The Cruiser uses transparent MOB Street 78A wheels. Top!

De luxe Supplement: 149.90€ (savings compared to single purchase: approx. 1€ (due to small range for these brands)
the hippest brands with the most iconic status: Independent Trucks, Bones Wheels (100s), Ball Bearings: Reds, Rush, Colossus beerrings or Muckefuck Hybrid. The cruiser uses ricta clouds, optionally 60mm Sharkwheels

Superior surcharge: 154.90€ (savings compared to single purchase: 30€ (skate park deck) to 60€ (cruiser)!)
The very best on the market ? Function before fashion - items that we drive ourselves (And that's why we meet you here the most with the set price!)
Avenue Suspension Trucks (more pop, less impact!), Type S, Bones SPF, Alta or Ricta Wheels, ball bearings. subVert speedsperms: Abec7 bearings with integrated spacers and speed rings!).
The Cruiser of course uses the Sharkwheels in 60mm! This is where the savings are greatest, because we import both Avenue Trucks and Sharkwheels in large quantities directly from the USA.

And the set-up option also includes the following option:
Sharkwheel upgrade.
The surcharge is usually extremely low, we hardly earn anything from it. But because Volker Lux, passionate skater, founder of subVert and the skate school, all wants the best possible start on the board AND we received feedback from beginner customers that they roll over with Sharkwheels over everything where they have fallen over with normal wheels, it is our belief that a beginner cruiser board should be equipped with Sharkwheels. Be sure to take a look at the Galileo contribution to this bold reinvention, here on

Then you have the following selection:

Steering rubbers
For children with low weight, you definitely need softer steering rubbers.
Stockbushings (i.e. those supplied as standard) are often too hard, especially with cheap axles.
The kilo data are only considered as a rough orientation.

rough price overview:
Black or monochrome: 5€
Griptape with monochrome print: 7€
SYS non-abrasive Griptape (black): 8€ (highly recommended! New development from Germany to minimize wear and gloom on shoes. Synthetic fiber instead of quartz sand! Of course, it also spares the skin and clothes when you wear it. Unfortunately, it is only available in black.
Glitter Griptape: 12€ (that glitters, but how! is already sold out most likely)
Mob Graphic Griptape: 15€
Powell-Peralta Griptape: 15€
subVert laser Griptape: from 20€

All information without guarantee.

Errors reserved. Every order may be asked explicitly for the exact set-up and changes made.

Product weight: 1,25 Kg
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