Penny Trucks 4inch pastel lilac

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If you want every inch of your skateboard looking good, Penny Pastel Lilac Trucks are sure to get you noticed. Designed to suit the 27" Penny Nickel board, these trucks not only stand out from the crowd, they are also strong, lightweight and built to carve.

With high quality aluminium construction, pressed kingpins and 83A cushions, Penny 4" trucks give your ride stability and control. Sweeten up your Penny Nickel board with a set of sugary 4" Pastel Lilac Trucks.

The Set Up
? High quality aluminium construction
? 4" wide to suit a 27" Penny skateboard
? Comes with pressed kingpin and 83A cushions
? Pastel lilac powder coated finished
? Branded with a 3D Penny logo so everyone knows you are riding a genuine Penny

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