Pro-Tec FullCut Certified Helmet "The Gonz II"

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Mega stylisher Oldschool-Helm!!

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Mark Gonzales AKA The Gonz is know for his huge contributions to modern-day street skateboarding. A forefather and innovator of the sport Mark was pioneering handrail skateboarding while most skaters were still learning to ollie. His influence is unparalleled on and off his board. He?s an accomplished artist with shows around the globe. "Wearing a helmet is a smart choice, wearing a Full-Tec is my style choice? is straight from him. Now you can own a custom Full Cut that Gonz put his stamp on.

Custom Gonz printed liner and shell.

Pro-Tec FullCut Certified Helmet

This is the original 1970's skate helmet that became the most recognizable helmet of all time. It features classic ear protection styling, bring back the good vibes of the 70's by rocking the FullCut.

? Featuring a HDPE or ABS shell lined with EPS foam and compression moulded padding, stainless steel hardware and soft tubular webbing.

? Shell: HDPE (high density polyethylene) or ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene).

? Liner: EPS (expanded polystyrene).

? Interior: Compression moulded padding.

? Vents: 17 Open Vents for ventilation and drainage.

? Certification: CE EN 1078 European Saftey Standard

Available Sizes
S: 54-56 cm 
M: 56-58 cm 
L: 58-60 cm
XL: 60-62 cm

The FullCut Certified Helmet is equipped with EPS foam which is EN (European Standard) Certified for skateboarding, cycling and roller skating in Europe.

Pro-Tec does the science so you don?t have to.
Protection for Progression!

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