SABRE "Forged Precision" trucks 170mm/48° grey Hanger

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Mk2 of our groundbreaking Forged Precision Freeride truck is here!

Featuring the same race-proven hanger as the Forged Race Trucks, the Freeride version has a higher baseplate angle for a more responsive lean to steer ratio.

We have been playing with Forging for many years now, and this latest version of the truck is way stronger and stiffer than before, with a redesigned pivot for a smoother turn.

Cold Forging our MK2 hanger body from aircraft-grade 6061 Aluminium billets gives us our strongest, straightest and stiffest truck to date. Way superior to casting, and less wasteful than machining.

We CNC the axles to 8mm for less slop on your bearings. These axles are also dead straight, unlike a cast truck where the casting process inevitably bends the axle as the truck hanger body cools. This means that your wheels last longer with less coning, and you will have more grip.

The hanger pivot is also CNC?d for butter smooth turning with zero binding at the pivot cup.

With a small amount of rake, the hangers can be flipped for a lower centre of gravity.

The bushing seat is fitted perfectly to the bushing to prevent slop, and an open profile gives maximum lean and dive.

Assembled with our Sabre Carve Bushing Kit. Premium formula aftermarket bushings, 16mm tall top and bottom for extra lean. Solid cup washers for maximum rebound.

Your trucks are the heart of your longboard? get on a set of Sabres and feel the difference for yourself!

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