Sabre Bushing 90A Barrel

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  • Barrel shape for the best balance between stability and dive
  • 16mm/0.6? tall
  • 25mm/0.975? wide
  • Available in S-Type (83A Blue) X-Type (86A Orange), F-Type (90A Red), R-Type (93A Green) and H-Type (96A Grey)

The "standard" Sabre bushing shape, the Barrel offers a balance between lots of lean/turn and a decent amount of resistance for stability and return to center. 16mm/0.6" tall and 25mm/0.975", they will work both boardside and roadside in all our trucks, and come in a wide variety of durometers to let you tune your ride. Like all our bushings and pivots, these are hand poured in the UK from our exclusive formula.

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