Sabre Hanger Forged 170mm Grey (Single)

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The long-awaited Sabre Forged Precision Hanger has finally arrived. A true first to the longboard world, we have used Forging technology to create an ultra-strong, super light hanger, with all of the benefits of a CNC hanger. Fully compatible with all our RKP baseplates, this hanger is Cold-Forged from 6061-T6, then CNC'd at the pivot, and finally finished off with custom high-strength precision steel axle studs. Featuring an open bushing seat for maximum lean if you want it! Available in 170mm, 180mm and 190mm in 3mm or 0mm of rake, this is without doubt one of the most innovative longboard truck creations out there.

  • Available in 170, 180, and 190mm hanger width
  • Cold Forged AL6061 for outstanding strength/weight ratio
  • Compatible with all Sabre RKP baseplates
  • Precise 8mm 4130 steel axles
  • Weight (180mm): 228g
  • CNC?d pivot for zero slop and smooth turn
  • Axle Rake: 170 (3mm), 180 (3mm), 190 (0mm)
  • Anodised Grey (170 and 190mm), or Blue (180mm)

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