Z-Flex Mastercraft Series Eric Dressen

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Designed by iconic skaters Eric Dressen (Guest Board) and legendary Z-Flex Team Rider George Wilson, these decks are the latest edition to Z-Flex?s premium Master Crafted series. Available in two distinct shapes with Dressen-drawn tattoo style graphics, they were crafted with the help of legendary skateboard craftsman Paul Schmitt.

George Wilson:

A second generation Z-Boy, who later went on to become the Z-Flex Team Manager, George Wilson embodies the spirit of the brand through his distinctive style and dedication to skating. Throughout his career, he has ridden and created a number of boards for Z-Flex, and his Master Crafted decks pay tribute to some of his previous designs, translated into a unique shape with modern functionality.

Eric Dressen:

Eric was just eight years old when he started testing skateboards for his Dad, and aged ten when he was first sponsored. He pioneered a distinctly smooth  style, and now heads the development of bowl-riding in California. Skating for the last thirty years, Eric knows a thing or two about the industry. His primary career has been as a pro skater, but he?s also a renowned tattoo artist, using his talents to design the graphics featured on these Master Crafted decks. Z-Flex are truly grateful to have such a legend produce a guest board for the Master Crafted program.

Paul Schmitt

Eric and George shaped their decks during a visit to Paul Schmitt?s factory. Based in California, Paul Schmitt has been building skateboards for nearly three decades, and his creations are renowned for superior performance and quality. His expertise has earned him the respect of some of the best pro skaters in the world, and he has come to be regarded as a professor in skateboard design.

The Eric Dressen Master Crafted Deck

Featuring a traditional tattoo style graphic over exposed natural Canadian Hard Rock Maple, the smooth look of Dressen?s design is equaled only by its performance. Featuring a square tail, modern concaves and a long tapered nose it really is a unique addition to the Z-Flex range. Crafted in two sizes:

 8.5? x 32.25? with a 14.25? wheel base and front wheel wells. Or

9? x 32.5? x 14.75? wheel base and front and rear wheel wells.

The George Wilson Master Crafted Deck

The George Wilson Master Crafted deck combines elements of his iconic winger from the 80?s and modern functionality. Graphics inspired by Wilson and created by Dressen. The shape features: a diamond tail, Georges iconic wings on the rails and front and rear wheel wells, on 7 sheets of Canadian Hard Rock Maple. Offered up in two sizes:

 8.75? x 32.5? x 14.5? 

9.5? x 32.5? x 16? 

Z-Flex - George Wilson and Eric Dressen Master Crafted from Z-Flex Skateboards on Vimeo.

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