Established 2014



The subVert B-Boards were created before 2014, through joint sessions of the Hamburger Rollrunde, which had formed before the first SUBVERT STORE at the Neuer Pferdemarkt. After all, the shop was also the basis of the association founded by the operator (first Skate Vert e.V., then Rollsport Hamburg e.V.). Indo boards were too expensive for most, so we started with our own brand and continued to improve the features.

The balance board is the fun for home and outdoors, not just to train your balance. Various skateboard tricks can also be done with these wonderful boards. Especially in winter or in the rain you don't have to give up your fun with a subVert balanceboard! Soon we will also include boxing gloves in the assortment ! Balanceboxing is the mega fun for two!

Custom Made!!!!!!

The delivery time can be delayed by up to one week, but the shipping can also be possible within a few hours - if you are in a hurry: call!!

We also offer other balance boards here, from other brands that we got to know at ISPO, e.B.
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