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Volker Lux, the driving force behind SUBVERT, has been volunteering for skateboarding for 35 year. He built halfpipes, also Europe's largest (see https://www.subvert.de/DIY-or-DIE),organized many contests up to the largest entry-free halfpipe world cup, collected with SUBVERT CUBA PROJECT skateboards for Cuba, and took care of it in Hamburg again and again for a temporary skate hall,in which he aslo presented a Pumptrack for the first time in the Hanseatic city. He was partly able to get financing through crowdfunding.

NOW, A HALFPIPE IS TO BE BUILT AGAIN, like 35 years ago!
Everything that is left over from the shop turnover is used for this. The mini skate hall with halfpipe is intended for skating lessons and for designing and building ramps that can be used in gyms. Lux has been a skate coach since 1992 and consistently earns 5-star reviews for his effective beginner courses.

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