Did you open up a skateshop for the love of Skateboarding?
Do kids in your city still order from onlineshops owned by major companies?

Are you kind of a one-man-machine which has to do all kinds of jobs for the business?
Are you drawning in work?

Are you also pissed about some facts in skateboarding?
If so: join SkaReCo!

Who we are:
European network of independent skater-owned skateshops ...
Feature: "passion before commercialism "
With its own brand ( " SKARECO " ) and self-managed distribution.
Primarily Europe but also with partners around the world.

Objectives / Benefits:
securing the existence of little skateshops, by:
Gain of purchase benefits , which unsually only large stores or chains enjoy : lower price , better terms...
Preservation of your own shop identity and all freedoms
Building its own brand ( SkaReCo )
Establishment of new , abroad already renowned skatebrands.big potential due to guaranteed distribution channels and networking
Convenient , centralized import ( eg monthly bulk orders in the U.S.)
Cost-sharing, thereby reducing costs in several areas:
• advertisements
• homepage
• magazine / magalogue
• Stickers , packing tape
• Flyers, POS materials
• products ( shirts, beanies, giveaways, bags , etc. ..)
• Team & Tour
• Intrinsic Events (SKARECO - contests)

the brand SKARECO
Instead of producing decks and other merchandise / O.E.M. items seperately in small expensive runs, we produce them together in larger, lower-priced editions.

products :
• Hardware (decks , grip tape , wheels, trucks ... )
• Clothing
• Accessories ...

Advertising / Merch / Communication ( tape, stickers , bags ... )

joint teamriders

Joint website , advertising , magazine ...


All stores carry next to their names the (quality!) seal "a SKARECO SHOP" . In this way, general advertising for SKARECO can in be understood as a special shop advertising for the local Skareco Skateshop. There will be no local competition - only one skareco shop per city , except in large cities with very different catchment areas and in partnership with various skate shops . )

for example:


first team rider for SKARECO is Joshual " Skreech " Sandoval , who is fully behind SkaReCo and will drive the network.


How you can help:
at first we have to find all true skateshops which have a SkaReCo profile and add them to our network.
Do you know such a shop? In your town or anywhere else on this planet? Then please send us an email!
Please also ask your european skate mates whether they know any. Tell them about our idea by sending them the link of this website.
Ask for our newsletter!

We also need help for much more stuff, like graphics, programming, promoting.... Don't hesitate to contact us!

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