Most people understand "kids skateboards" to mean skateboards in a professional shape ("popsicle"), only smaller. At subVert skate school, we recommend these boards to advanced kids ONLY. Because for a quick learning success right at the beginning you need a wide-legged stand without standing on the front lever, the "nose".

Check out  Autumn from UK,when she was only 3.5 years old!  

She manages to do it because of her extremely wide-legged stance, but you should avoid standing on the lever at the front as much as possible, you need a longer wheelbase for that.

You don't need a long nose for this, but a long wheelbase, i.e. a large distance between the axles, abbreviated to "WB" in the title of the deck, followed by the length in inches. We found the following formula: stride length divided by 1.5 = wheelbase.

Example: Inseam 60cm (24inch) = 40cm (16inch) Wheelbase (1 inch = 2.54cm)

how to measure your inseam (Schrittlänge).

For advanced riders you can roughly assume a ratio of 2 to 1: e.g. 76cm inseam length -> 38cm or 15inch WB.
This is a rough formula, feel free to calculate plus/minus 1 inch. But it makes it clear: Small beginners certainly don't need a shorter board than advanced ones, but rather a longer one. But you can save on deck length if the nose, the front lever, is short. So there are also 30 inch short decks with a 16 inch wheel base or the B32 with a 19 inch wheel base with a total length of only 32 Inches.

NEW!!!! We now offer WHEELBASE EXTENSION! First Info here, further Info will follow, but you already find Info when you check out some Kids completes...

We often recommend normal-sized skateboards for starting (small) children: longer + wider = more stability = faster results, and it can still be used if it is left in the corner most of the time and the child only finds true love as a teenager discovered to skateboard. If a small child gets good quickly, you buy a smaller one as a 2nd board, the larger one can be used again later and serve as a cruiser in the meantime (to make the route)