In summer 2014 subVert will become 10 years old!


it started 2004, when Volker Lux was organizing a Skateboard and BMX Vert and miniramp competition on the huge vertramp he had planned, organized and built in 1991 in Bonn's Rheinaue Park. All of a sudden it became a wolrdcup, getting visited by his vert friends from South America, Down Under, Asia, North America and Europe!


Check out the report on sk8mag.de

We'll put out more information soon about the history of subVert and Volker Lux, who started skateboarding 30 years ago!

You will find it here, one fine day....

Don't miss the events taking place now to celebrate 10 years subVert:

Friday, August 22nd:

We start on friday 22nd with an exhibition:



Kent Lingeveldt, a Longboardprofessional from South Africa, sponsored by Kryptonics, Skatersocks and many more, presents
handshaped and handpainted boards from several artists from his country

@ subVert store c/o burnout record store, Beim Grünen Jäger 21

vernissage: friday 22nd, 5pm


right after, we'll have our first


of the weekend, "small but o-ho" ;-). with Tim Bijsterveld, for example!

10years subVert meets 25years Rote Flora:


facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1422479934692723/?fref=ts



Saturday, August 23rd:

10years subVert meets 5years Gängeviertel

On saturday we also follow an invitation from a great initiative out of the RECHT AUF STADT network.



Sunday, August 24th:


The certainly biggest sessions will take place sunday and/or monday, depending on the wheather!

Check out which bowl giants will arrive on sunday:


here you can get to know their names:

In case of bad wheather, we'll hang out at our temporary SKARECO SKATEHALL, having a lot of fun on the pumptrack!


in case of good wheather, you'll meet us at the florabowl or IGS-Bowl! Best, if you check the facebook event for latest updates.



The last event of our 10 years anniversary celebrations will be the 10th Einheizslam we organize together with the SPORTGARTEN:



it'll be a 2 day-event with live music by VOLLKONZERT agency (Ska, punkrock...) and a sweeet session the next day at ÜBERSEESKATEPARK.

Around 1.500 € pricemoney!

Check https://www.subvert.de/EINHEIZSLAM


The first to celebrate this anniversary
was a new "signature beer label" for his very old friend Jeff "Ffej" Hedges who had already visited the vertramp Lux & friends had built in 1986 in Bonn!

Ffej got it handed out at VERT ATTACK 8 (the world's biggest vert event, since VA1 supported and visited by Lux)
, but did not drink enough of it, as he wanted to stay in shape for the next day (he was prequalified for the semifinals of the gnarliest Master competition ever!)
Guess what happened? He slammed fucking hard the next morning!
So if you wanna stay healthy: go for the SUBVERT MASTERS BRÄU! ;-)

The SUBVERT BEER lable for Ffej! Designed by FERDZ VALENCIA from the Philipines (artist for Muckefuck, Black Label etc....)
Stay tuned for the 3rd week of August 2014. A big international session is planned to take place at Flora Bowl