How to get there

under Alnatura, hidden in a basement behind the right entrance to an office building

Ludwigstrasse 12a

20357 Hamburg

in case you can't find the way with our following directions, call

Telefon: 01512-5349174

This was the description how to get to the first subVert store - where it all began!

Please be aware that it ain't easy to find the entrance to our window-less shop, even though the shop is right next to Hamburg's main traffic street, the B4.

For this reason we added some pictures showing our polluted environment.

If you come by car from the west, you will have this view. Pass the 2, the 1, the 6....

the 6, the 5, the 4... the best is you already look for a parking spot!

(by the way: the view might change soon, as Hamburg just bought 6 new water guns "WAWE 10000" - each for 1.000.000 Euro. You see: Hamburg is fucking rich (and fucking the poor!))

It's so hard to find a parking lot, even our "friends and helpers" prefere walking

If you have this view, then go to the left over the street, towards the Parkstrasse:

Coming from the south/ Budapester Street, orient yourself on this perspective:

coming from south / Budapester Strasse

hmm, versuchen wir mal eine freie Sicht auf den Laden zu ergattern und nähern uns - links haltend - die Budapester hoch:

verdammt, schon wieder ein Räumpanzer ins Bild gefahren....

damn, the intervals between water cannons and clearing tanks are so short at the military training area "Neuer Pferdemarkt", you need a quick snap!!

Directly in front of it finally clear view of the entrance! :

The front got redisigned by SOLA INK (late 2008):SolaInk at work: unsere neue Fassade!

always good views!

Jo! Down there we are right now, Don`t believe it? Have a look!


And if you are wondering what it looks like from the entrance roof, you can take a look at this panorama here.

In the meantime, we have pimped the entrance, so that even the less courageous dare to enter ;-)