SYS Grip 9"x33" Skateboard Sheet - non-abrasive SAVE YOUR SHOES Griptape - nicht-scheuernd!

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Again an awesome item, of which our clients made us aware, knowing subVert loves progression in Skateboarding.
This is the future of griptape!!

Price for 1 sheet of 9" by 33"

Save Your Shoes! The next step in griptape evolution - made in Germany

SYS-grip has been developed for skaters by skaters. We have made it our goal to create a griptape that doesn't destroy your shoes that quickly and at the same time provides the grip you're used to. It's a typical situation: it's summer, you can finally go skating again and after a few sessions your shoes are torn apart. Exactly this situation made us develop a griptape that saves your shoes while being as skateable as regular grip.

We needed a lot of prototypes and new prototypes and are now able to say we did it. SYS-grip is a griptape that saves your shoes and is perfectly skateable. But don't listen to us, watch what our teamriders are doing with it. Or better yet, get some and try it!

Yours in broken bones

The SYS-grip team

The Grip

Why is SYS-Grip saving your shoes and still providing the usual grip?

To provide grip, you need friction. The degree of friction is increasing with the roughness of the aligning materials. Standard griptape provides friction through grains of quartz sand. Quartz sand is normally a hard, sharp-edged and pointy material. When such material meets one which is considerably softer, it provides a high degree friction. Perfect for shredding purposes. Unfortunately this friction causes a high degree of abrasion at the same time. The friction caused by interlocking grains with the material of your shoes tears apart parts of your shoe every time you do a trick. And sooner than later you will have the first holes and fuzzy laces.

How is SYS-Grip different?

We don’t use grains of quartz sand, but synthetic fiber. This fiber is cut into tiny blocks applied vertically to the griptape. The single fibers are not much bigger than a grain of sand, but a lot thinner. The vertically applied fibers cause the same friction like quartz sand.

And now to the important part:

Unlike quartz sand our fibers are considerably softer, that’s why we need 100 times more fibers on a griptape than grains of sand on a standard grip. That means that the fibers don’t rip up your shoes, but the shoe slowly destroys the fibers. This way a high degree of friction is provided, but your shoes will last significantly longer.

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