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Flow riders past & present


newest entry (besides our still to be presented regional teamriders Böller, Bela, Flori, Mike, Gigi, Klaus, Igor, Henry, Bolle, Andre, Quentin and Benny)

Mike Kieffer / Luxemburg:

This young gun from Luxemburg is vertskating for only 3 years and will be dominating the vert scene soon, if he keeps on developping as fast and solid as he did in the past.

 2nd place EINHEIZSLAM 2010, Skateboard Vert A

Mike Kieffer bs air festcup 2009 badische Nachrichten

one ofhis first vert contests was the FESTCUP 2009, where he got 2nd in highest air and 8th in Skateboard Vert Pro.

You find this newspaper-article here .



Former or temporary teamriders:


this was our first teamrider-gif:

subVert flowriders - better then most pro riders!

 2005 / 2006: 

This was our first "teamrider" (we had no team at that moment yet!). David was unknown in the scene, Pierre Jambe had presented me this rock'n'roller at the first EASTPAK SUBVERT JAM (where he beat Jürgen Horrwarth and Sascha Müller in the vert eleminations!) I knew, this had to be the first SUBVERT  rider. As we had no team and he always hang out with the YAMA crew, he then also rode for YAMA, which we could fully understand. ROCK AND ROLL, DAVID!

Our very first teamrider: Europes most punkrock skater DAVID MARTELLEUR! We are damn proud, that no one less than David Martelleur, europes most punkrock transition skater, became our very first teamrider! ANd he enjoyed our decks a lot: we were very surprised to see him still skating a MOHAWK deck 2 months after joining the YAMA team! He said, he waits for YAMA copying the perfect shape of the mohawk model (14.5" wheelbase)!  

Alex Cochini on his first day riding SUBVERT: 2nd place Quiksilver Bowlriders (in front of TNT, Galloway, Cardone, Gireaud, Chriss Senn....(check

Alex Cochini on his first day riding SUBVERT: 2nd place Quiksilver Bowlriders (in front of TNT, Galloway, Cardone, Gireaud, Chriss Senn....(check ) Of course, after that huge success, he received offers, the new and little company SUBVERT could not compete with.


our former BRAZIL TEAM 

Duzinho's site

Eduardo "Duzinho" Braz, Santo Andre, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Pro-Skater, Photographer, vert-contest-organizer! Check out his website (click photo) 

Andre Cywinski, Sao Paulo. Team manager for SUBVERT BRAZIL!

Andre Cywinski, Santo Andre, Sao Paulo, Brasil. Pro Skateboarder and Snowboarder , Video producer (check out his company Familia Brasil

our youngest team rider: Carlos Niggli from Sao Paulo This was our youngest brazilian team rider: Carlos Niggli from Sao Paulo, one of brazil's best amateurs on vert!

 Not a teamrider, but Lux' haircutter: Bicho Cleber!SUPERMAN on a subVert deck!

SUPERMAN on a subVert deck! "Bicho" from Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brasil.




Fabio Sleiman, Sao Paulo, Brasil

before you read anything about MADMAN SLEIMAN, check out this video on

madman sleiman 21ft-drop to GNARLIEST SLAM AWARD Mystic Cup Prague 2005

By the way: Fabio just won the WORST SLAM AWARD on - in front of Jake Brown!!! Here are the infos we collected about our FIRST PRO RIDER to send them to LG Action games (unfortunately they weren't able to copy and paste them correctly! ;-(

Name: Fabio Sleiman
Hometown: Sao Paulo, Brasil
Age: 29 (born 7th of january 1977) (not 31, LG!)
Nickname: - („Sleiman“)
Height. 170 cm
weight: 65 KG
status: married (not single, LG!)
Sponsors: Qix International, subVert Skateboards, Connexion Wheels, Central Surf, Compania Athletica
Riding since:     1990

History: (results)

 sd (click for video  (run + extra footage)
2006 LG Action Games Berlin, Germany: 1st place!
2006 LG Action Games Birmingham, UK: 6th place (click for picture and report)
2006 Mystic Cup, Prague, Czech Republic: 10th (Qualification: 1st place!)
2006 King Of Wood, Rouen, France: 5th
2006 LG Action Games Amsterdam, Netherlands: 3rd
2005 world championships, Muenster, Germany: 8th
2005 LG Action Games Rimini, Italy 1st
2005 Southamerican championships, Buenos Aires, Argentina: 2nd
2004 King Of Wood, Rouen, France: 2nd
2004 Mystic Cup, Prague, Czech Republic: 8th
2004 Globe Euro Grand Slam, Nantes, France, 2nd
2003 King Of Wood, Rouen, France: street: 4th, best trick: 1st
2002 King Of Wood, Rouen, France: 2nd

Sleiman won the „GNARLIEST SLAM AWARD“ at Mystic Cup Prague 2005 for trying twice to drop a 21 ft wall

Fabio is the only skater who ever took „El toro rail“ in California switchstance.


LG didn't use too much of it, but check it out anyways (click) !

Do you speak PORTUGUESE? (fallas portugues?) click here to read his interview on 

Here's another interview in portuguese from end of 2011.


And this is the founder and owner of SUBVERT:

Volker "Turbo" Lux


Skateboarding since 1984, vert since '85. The photo is from 2016, at Florabowl, shot by Andres Jana, Chile

My first fakie 180 shove-it lipslide