- Europes first mailorder for vert riders!

WELCOME TO - Europe's first on vertskating specialized onlineshop.

subVert started to sell hardware under this domain in 2005, when in all over Europe vertskater had problems to get their stuff: decks and trucks wider than 8.0" and big hard wheels, and a variety of protection.

In 2007 it happened, that Lux (the man behind subVert) opened up a local skateshop. (The inauguration (with a vert and bowl comp) attracted vert skaters from 10 nations!!)
Even though it was hidden in a former air raid shelter with no shopwindow, this shop developped very well and also became home for the strong growing longboard community (as Lux is open minded and likes all people on skateboards, whether long or short ones!)

The local skateshop got more and more time consuming, and so Lux lost focus for his vert mission.

After he ran a shop in a shopping mall, where he was forced to open his shop 60hours a week, also in winter months, he decided to run his skateshop only as a hobby, moved back into a hidden basement, where the opening hours range between 0 to 6 hours a week!


There is not much online yet, yo you better call or email us!

Check out our FACEBOOK PHOTO ALBUMS to find, what we might have or can get for you - sometimes within hours!


Plese feel free to call us during business hours to get help by phone.

But here you also find a small guide, what you should be looking for if you want stuff for riding a vertramp or a pool.

for modern vertskating sizes of 8.25 to 8.7 are recommended. If you come from streetskating and are used to a 7.75" wide deck, for example, an 8.25" will do. If you want to ride both street and vert with the same board, choose 8.0" to 8.375".

Trucks should have same size as the deck. You find indications in each category. 140mm / 5.25" and 150mm / 5.5" wide trucks are the most common size for vert. If you are oldschool" or want to ride pools, you should ride wider decks (8.7 to 9.5 or 10") and trucks of 160mm / 5.75" width or 169 / 6.0".

Your trucks/bushings should be well turnable, therefore light people need soft bushings (under 90A) and heavy people harder ones. We really can recommend the medium BONES BUSHINGS

Pads: 187 Killer pads get worn by most pro riders today and are quite affordable.
We recommend BURLY recaps for your kneepads, as they last forever. This is GOOD for your knees, as, before recaps get a hole, they get soft and let impact go through onto your knees.

Laces: before you replace your laces after every session, you better buy BULLETPROOF or LIFETIME Laces. We are getting them for you in February 2018!


well, for the rest, don't hesitate to call us or write us. Best, if you ask for Lux ;-)


So let's start with DECKS!