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The subVert Skate-School is booked more and more for children's birthdays and the feedback was always super positive. We get booked a second time by the same family, even for the same child,as in most cases;

"this was the best birthday ever!"

And for us there is nothing more beautiful than to make a birthday a complete success.- with our boards and more recently also other "vehicles": In addition to skateboards, longboards, surf skate and balanceboards, we now also bring electric boards, Self Balance Unicycle, hoverboards and hoverkarts into play! Even after 3 hours, the children will not get bored.

We also celebrate 40th birthdays! The workshops for adults are the funniest!

The most important in keywords:

recommended for the 4th to 60th birthday (but 2nd to 77th goes too!)
    We can provide all the equipment
    You don't have to have any previous experience
    We can go anywhere, we can also bring ramps.
    We can try to find a hall.
    Group size: up to 30 people, "per 6 participants 1 trainer" would be ideal.
    Preferably Sams or Sunday mornings (everything else goes too)

We pick up all beginners at the beginning and give them a fast, safe start on longboards.

Immediately afterwards, thanks to long topmount longboards, you can also go straight into the pipe with the absolute beginners. The wide-legged stand forgives all the beginner mistakes. When "pushing" together, the beginner can immediately "copy" and learn the push rhythm (when one has to squat and stretch).

Wir können, wenn der Geburtstag in heimischer Umgebung und nicht auf einem Skatepark stattfindet, eine Rampe mitbringen, auf der wir selbst Anfängern nicht nur das Hinabrollen, auch das "Reindroppen" (Drop In) beibringen.

In addition, we want to act as a full-service agency soon and offer everything that is needed as standard for a child's birthday:

- Folding tables and benches
- Reusable dishes - to love the environment!
- napkins
- Low-sugar drinks
- a music system
- Farewell bags (filled with stickers, a voucher and optionally also with a fingerboard!)

and much more.

Please ask by e-mail if we have time.

Usually we come with 2 trainers. This is especially important if we are to bring ramps and the big skate school trailer has to be moved.

If necessary, we can also come with other trainers.

We bring an average of 2 boards per participant, for small groups also 3 times as many boards as participants. Thus, everyone has the choice between a skate board or longboard, or you can try a SurfSkate cruiser, a hybrid board, a board with spring axles or with the Sharkwheels.
Each board is different, and due to the large loan board offer, you are most likely to find your favorite board, which suits you the most.

In addition, we also bring balance boards - some participants fall in love spontaneously with this fun sport, so they form a good alternative to the roller boards.

A skate birthday in the very suitable skate park in front of the district office Eimsbüttel in Harvestehude.


Since we have at least 5 hours to do, we are at least 300 Euros with 2 trainers, if no travel costs are incurred, i.e. within Hamburg.
If the 2nd trainer can be dispensed with, a lot of costs can be saved.