Bear Trucks

In House Development
Unlike many brands out there we test, design and develop entirely in-house. And, in addition to that, we have a mechanical engineer on staff whose job is to do exactly that. We’re not just working off intuition and skate experience, but we have the education and fundamental knowledge to ensure that our trucks are the best on the market. Landyachtz even added an engineering workshop to our home base where top-secret development is happening every day.

Even before a truck is made we model it in 3D and analyze its structure. Before pouring we’ve already covered a wealth of the technical concerns involved. Once we have a physical model we put it through as much abuse as we can hand out, not just from riders but from machines we’ve built specifically to destroy trucks. Every model we produce has experienced a battery of strength tests before making it to market.

In the years of making trucks we’ve been able to try countless variations of compounds and alloys. In the end we’ve settled on virgin 8356 aluminum for all of our castings. We ensure that our sources are free from impurities and provide the best mix of strength, durability and performance in a skateboard truck.
For every truck that we bring to market, there are at least five versions that we shelve. We invest large sums of time and resources to test new designs and bring new concepts to fruition. With an extensive team available to ride and test our products during development, we make sure that every little thing is right before sending an item to production.
Bear was one of the very first in the industry to provide machine-faced hangers on all of our products. With the hanger face and axle being perfectly perpendicular your bearings will sit entirely straight within the wheels. This results in a smoother, more precise alignment and reduced stress on the bearings. It’s no wonder so many manufacturers are following in our footsteps.

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