Shark Wheels

Our bestseller!

Shark Wheels are bestseller in our skateshop on St. Pauli in Hamburg, Germany. Why? Not because our customers are drunk ;-) We let them test the stuff they are interested in. So they get easyly convinced by the advanteges of the sharkwheels: faster and smoother!

Shark Wheels convince right from the beginning! They glide over rocks and edges, due to their profile. They ride through water or sand easier than common wheels. Check out Shark Wheels on Discovery Channel:


Discovery Channel Future Tech: The Shark Wheel from Michael Hui on Vimeo.

Oh, and you get free bearings (really good ones!) if you post something about your sharkwheels on social media.

You can buy them also as an upgrade for any complete Longboard or cruiser we offer, so you save up to 60 €, as we keep the originally mounted wheels.

You get a good complete longboard WITH Sharkwheels already from 129,90 Euro on, at the moment! What boards we have you hardly get to see in our onlineshop - please give us a call and we send you pictures of our range or links to our suppliers, from which we can get boards sometimes within a day.

Here you already find pictures of available completes:

our photos on Facebook
our special "SHARKWHEEL-COMPLETES-photo-album on FB, which is brandnew right now and not filled yet
here are 3 distributors, where you find many boards:
MDCN Hamburg
Pivot-Dist Köln
Havoc-Distribution Berlin

New info:
All Sharkwheels are produced in California:
60mm aund 70mm Sharks by Elasco
the brandnew 72mm DNA by Labeda (producer of Orangattang and many more)
Zack Fleishman wrote me:
These are the fastest wheels we have ever made.
The wheels are very expensive for us, but the speed is incredible. 

They are the fastest wheels we have ever been on of any type of wheel.
They are soft and have a lot of grip
54mm Jaws - for Skateboards

The Jaws are the smallest shark wheels and fit perfectly on...

60 mm Sharkwheels

This wheel size is perfect for Penny Boards and Cruisers, or when...

72mm Sharkwheels DNA

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