Since establishment in 2007 and until the present day, Theeve Trucks holds that; its TiHANGER (one piece axeless titanium truck) is twice as strong and 20% lighter than the average truck, that their TiKING (titanium axle and with a hollow steel kingpin) grinds better than any other skate truck on the market, that their TiAX (durable 6/4 base model titanium axle truck) runs second in durability and lightness only to the TiHANGER, and their CSX is probably the best all-round truck on the market.

Theeve Trucks boasts one of the most versatile teams there is and proudly sponsors; Bastien Salabanzi, Brandon Turner, Dan Murphy, Jake Duncombe, Jordan Hoffart, Kerry Getz, Larelle Gray, Moose and many more. For more team info see here.

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